Bodymax 15Kg Pro v4 Rubber Dumbbell (Pair)

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In order to stimulate the maximum amount of muscle growth (Hypertrophy). Stress and exertion have to be applied to the bodies individual muscle groups. An ideal tool for doing this is training with the Bodymax Pro V4 Rubber Dumbbells.

For beginners or toning purposes a lighter V4 would be sufficient to target muscle groups and hit them with high intensity hight volume repetitions. For those more advanced or looking to gain larger amounts of muscle tissue. A heavier v4 would be more beneficial. Using lower repetitions but keeping the intensity of you’re workout high.

The V4 Rubber coated Dumbbells combine comfort, durability, and safety to the highest standard suitable for both home and commercial use. All V4 Dumbbells are compatible with all of our weight benches and dumbbell racks.